BUZZ Registration Needs Your Help!

It’s been an exciting past few years for the BUZZ Registration team. Since 2011, we’ve grown into the go-to company for registration management and website builds – all thanks to the support of meeting planners like you. Now, we want to serve you even more.

We updated our logo, and soon we will be rolling out our brand-new website. The new and improved BUZZ Registration website (scheduled to launch in November) will be a place for our community of planners to share experiences and offer expertise. In order to make our new website all it can be, we are asking for your help.

In addition to providing registration support, our team is ready to act as a primary, comprehensive resource for planners all over the world. Let us keep you up-to-date on industry trends, so you can continue to focus on what’s most important: Your programs.

Like we said, we couldn’t have gotten this far without you – and we can’t go as far as we want to without you, either. Here are a couple of things you can expect from the new BUZZ website, and what we’d like to hear from you:

  • A centralized hub for the ever-growing community of planners. The planning industry is changing rapidly, and you need to stay informed on the latest trends to provide clients with first-rate service. Do you have a favorite industry news source? Excited about a thought leader in event planning industry? Need more updates on trade shows? We’ll provide you with the information you need and want. Tell us what types of articles and blogs will help you continue on your path of success, and we’ll deliver.
  • More posts from industry insiders. We are inviting you to contribute ideas for guest posts. Are there professionals in the industry you would like to hear from more? Do you want to be a guest blogger? Pitch us an idea!

Our new site also includes the option for planners to share photos of their latest event on the Community page – a social environment where you can inspire each other by sharing images of your decor, venues, and the like.

Tell us how else you’d like to communicate with one another and share ideas: Discussion boards? An open roster of contact information for planners? We’re open to any and all of your suggestions.

We are thrilled to be creating the web’s go-to hub for the meeting planner community, and we look forward to hearing from you. To learn more about how to participate on BUZZ Registration’s new and improved website, contact us at 800-830-6981 or