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May 24, 2018Blog

Are You Ready for Anything? How Event Planners Can Prepare for the Unexpected

You have a brilliant keynote speaker, a fantastic venue, and a Cvent website build in the works that will make event promotion, guest registration, and payment collection a breeze. Your event is all planned out — so what happens when things don’t go according to plan?

From sudden thunderstorms to no-show speakers, there are plenty of planning nightmares that can turn a great event into a disaster. With careful preparation, however, you can ensure that your event goes smoothly — no matter what happens.

Work with Your Venue and Your Client

Both planners and venue managers can work together to create action plans and organize staff trainings. Anita Lowe, the CEO of Venues and Events International, regularly collaborates with venues to ensure that their contingency plans are built into her own emergency plans. She also advises other planners to make sure that all key parties know what’s going on.

“When situations are out of your control, firstly, be open and honest with your client,” Ms. Lowe said in a recent Conference News article.

Start Planning Before an Issue Occurs

Planners should prepare a strategy for handling everything from injuries and medical emergencies to inclement weather and workers’ strikes.

Before the event takes place, train your staff, and make sure that you convey a clear plan of action for even the smallest hiccups in the proceedings. For example, if your event suddenly had an extra 150 guestswhich happened during one special occasion at the Fillmore — would your staff be ready to swiftly add enough tables, chairs, and place settings?

You can also conduct a SWOT analysis to identify potential obstacles that your event may encounter and how well your staff and venue could handle them.

Turn a Disaster Into a Success!

Attendees must feel that the event organizers value them and their time. Preparing an effective emergency action plan proves to attendees that planners appreciate them. Failure to do so can make it near impossible to properly manage a crisis, which can do irreparable damage to a company’s reputation.

In contrast, successfully handling unexpected obstacles can bolster your attendees’ faith in your company. For example, event planner Walt Galanty of AIM Meetings in Alexandria, Virginia, once found himself facing a planning nightmare. The hotel that was hosting his client’s luncheon had forgotten to prepare the lunch! Mr. Galanty ordered the hotel to put together a deli-style lunch buffet, which was ready just in time. The simple meal was popular among guests, who never realized that an issue had occurred.

How Can Planners Find the Time to Prepare for Emergencies?

You need to devote time and focus to preparing for the unexpected, so simplify your event planning process by partnering with BUZZ Registration. We are a pioneer in registration website development and experts in the essential elements that will make your event a success.

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