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May 16, 2018Blog

Bring Your Event Planning Into 2018 with the Newest Tech Trends

Boring. Old-fashioned. Expected. These are the exact opposite of how you want guests to describe your events. Don’t get stuck in a rut! Instead, explore the latest technology to keep your guests on their toes.

At BUZZ Registration, we stay on top of new tech so that we can offer all of the meeting management solutions that our clients need. Below are a few innovations that really intrigued us. Could you upgrade your next event with these tech trends?

Scope Out A Venue Using Virtual Reality

If your next big event is halfway across the county, you might not have the time (or the budget!) to hop on a plane and scope out the venue. That’s why some locations are offering the next best thing. The Freeman Company recently released VR Design Explorer, which allows you to virtually walk through a venue “in true stereoscopic 3D.”

Let AI Provide On-the-Spot Customer Service

Chatbots can answer all of your guests’ common questions like: “Where can I park?” or “Do I need to sign in?” Bots are also a great way for guests to tell your staff about their concerns. In fact, chatbots are already moving outside of guests’ smartphones and into the real world. VNTANA and Satisfi Labs have recently developed holographic versions!

3D Print Your Main Dish

The Foodini 3D food printer lets you personalize your menu to match your event’s theme or decor. This automated technology can create everything from quiche to ravioli to chocolate flowers.

Lynette Kucsma, the co-founder of Foodini’s manufacturer, spoke about the machine in a recent BizBash article. “We don’t say that everything should be 3D-printed just like everything you eat now is not from an oven. But anything that would require food shaping or forming or layering, that’s where 3D printers can do things easier and faster.”

Take Over the Sky with Drones

You already know that drones provide beautiful, bird’s-eye views for videos and that they can be used in stunning, choreographed shows — check out the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics for a particularly breathtaking example. Now, according to EventMB, event planners can send in specially-made drones to act as additional cell towers and improve WiFi at crowded events.

Thank Your Guests with “Handwritten” Notes

Handwritten notes can be more meaningful than a form letter. Unfortunately, most meeting planners don’t have the time to write out hundreds of messages. Enter Bond, a company that can automate your thank-you notes. Bond’s robots use real ink pens and write on stationery. They’ll even drop your letter in the mail. This company offers several realistic-looking handwriting styles, or you can send in samples of your own writing to create a personalized version.

Are Your Events Ready for an Upgrade?

While you explore the best options to keep your events cutting-edge, let BUZZ Registration take some work off your plate. Call 888-202-2262 to find out how our meeting management solutions can simplify your life.

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