3rd Party Planning firm looking for outsourced option for their registration needs

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The Problem

A meeting planning firm has an opportunity to grow its business but has concerns about its ability to scale its services appropriately.

The Background

A successful independent meeting planning company was poised to grow its business. Because meeting planning is service oriented, the company wanted to ensure that it could reliably provide exceptional service to all of its clients. Taking on more meetings meant increasing its support staff, but the company needed to act quickly.

The Challenge

Find a way to scale the support staff, improve customer service delivery and produce high-quality meetings for a greater number of clients.

The Solution

Meeting registration, on-site preparation, travel and lodging management and on-site check-in are necessary services, but they involve a high level of detail, and they are time-consuming. These elements become even more complex as the size and number of meetings increase. These functions could not be eliminated, but they also didn't represent the best use of the meeting planners' time. The meeting planning company wanted a reliable, knowledgeable and flexible partner to provide a range of logistics services that met the needs of each of the company's clients and helped the company to deliver excellent customer support. They chose BUZZ Registration to provide website builds, complete meeting registration management support, accommodations management, call center services, and on-site meeting support. For this client, BUZZ Registration produces a customized registration website for each event that provides prospective attendees with complete information about each meeting. Online meeting registration is available within days of being authorized by the meeting planner. Attendees visit the one-stop website, register for a meeting or event and reserve lodging. BUZZ Registration websites deliver instant registration confirmations to attendees. BUZZ Registration also leverages the event registration platform to send timely event information, reminders, special event information and lodging confirmations in advance of the events. BUZZ Registration also provides a call center for their meeting attendees. Our fully trained Meeting Success Coordinators assist their callers with any concerns regarding the meeting, their registration or any special accommodations they may require. BUZZ Registration also supports on-site check-in for the company's planned events. This includes assisted and self-check-in solutions, as well as creating and delivering name badges to each meeting site. In addition to eliminating time-intensive tasks, our on-site support also simplifies the event check-in process for the company's on-site staff and attendees and allows the company's meeting planners to focus their efforts on creating an engaging and valuable meeting experience.

The Results

Because of the company's partnership with BUZZ Registration, the company could increase the number of meetings it planned each year and grow its client base significantly. At the same time, the company reduced its overhead costs by not hiring additional full-time staff to manage its workflow. Since BUZZ Registration provides service to this company on an as-needed basis, the solution has a net-positive impact on the company's revenue.

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