BUZZ eliminates manual pain points for contract collection

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The Problem

A client collects signed contracts to meet industry compliance regulations using an entirely manual process. The process requires significant manpower and time.

The Background

Certain industries require a significant amount of documentation to meet compliance regulations. Collecting the documentation during or in advance of a professional meeting can be a painstaking process, but it is absolutely necessary to comply with industry regulations and/or state and federal laws.

The Challenge

Find a way to streamline the documentation process and coordinate it with meeting registration.

The Solution

BUZZ Registration worked with the client for months to develop and test a process that would enable professionals to sign contracts electronically on a meeting registration website. The process was extensively tested and was approved for use by the client. The process integrated DocuSign into the meeting registration website. This allowed meeting attendees to sign and securely submit contracts at the same time they registered for a meeting.

The Results

BUZZ Registration improved the meeting process for both the client and the meeting attendees by devising, testing and implementing a time-saving process.

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