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May 4, 2017Blog

Choosing Conference Giveaways That Aren’t Throwaways

One of the most enjoyable parts of attending conferences is stocking up on free swag from the various sponsored booths. The routine of picking up trinkets at events is familiar to most attendees. As you enter the exhibitor floor, you make the rounds making sure to grab something from every table. By the time you reach the tenth booth, you probably have seven pens and three stickers in your possession. When you finally examine your loot after the conference, you probably toss out the stickers and pens that aren’t good quality, and stuff the rest in your junk drawer.

This is not to say that a nice branded pen is not a good conference giveaway item. There are ways to make a bigger impact with novel promotional products that will provide more frequent, lasting impressions. The whole point of handing out giveaways is to generate advertising for your company. The longer people hold on to these products, the more attention they will generate. Here are some fantastic ideas for conference giveaways that won’t end up in the garbage the moment the conference is over.

Silicone Card Wallets
People are glued to their phones—there is no denying that. If everyone constantly has their phone out, why not use that as free advertising for your company? Silicone card wallets are gaining popularity lately, as people want everything readily available to them. These soft, flat card wallets stick to the back of your phone or phone case, and allow you to slip a few cards inside for quick reachability. People like these because they look nice on their phones, and they serve as an easy access place to keep their ID and a credit card. This benefits your company because every time they hold up their phone or lay it down on a table, people will be exposed to your brand.

Mint Tins
Mint tins are fabulous. I know if I am at a conference, mingling with influencers and building business for my company, I am always paranoid about fresh breath. One wrong exhale can leave a bad impression with someone you want to do business with! Giving out mint tins is a clever way for your company to become part of any conversation because whenever people reach for a mint, your brand is on display. People often offer mints to everyone else they are with, which further increases the chances to make more impressions! After mint tins are emptied, people tend to reuse and refill them with other small items they need on the fly. This can include more mints, guitar picks, or even cough drops. Not only that, but offering a mint is a great icebreaker that gives you a way to join a conversation or start up a dialogue. After you exchange a few pleasantries and laughs, you can really talk shop.

Lip Balm
Now, lip balm is an interesting promotional product because of the ways it can be uniquely customized. People use lip balm all the time, especially in winter months. However, you can make this product popular to use through the summer by getting lip balm that offers sunscreen protection. Keep in mind that finding quality lip balm counts. Many vendors offer hundreds of types and even specialty flavors! For the summer, choose a fun fruity flavor such as tropical Mai Tai or pineapple upside-down cake, and then mulled cider and pumpkin spice for the colder months. People will love these unique flavors and will use the lip balm until it runs out. They might even show their friends the exciting flavor they have. That way your company-branded lip balm becomes a conversation piece. Everyone will be envious and ask where they got it!

Hand Sanitizer
Conferences are a perfect place to hand out hand sanitizers. Everyone is shaking hands, touching the same exhibitor booths, and using the same facilities—conference attendees need hand sanitizer. Why not provide them a lovely 2 oz hand sanitizer with your logo on it? Every time they take it out and offer it to their friends and colleagues, your logo will be exposed to the world. People will hold on to a hand sanitizer because of its practicality. It is something that they always need, but tend to forget to bring or must repurchase when it runs out. Even a small hand sanitizer bottle has ample printing space to add your company’s logo, contact information, and a nice picture to grab everyone’s attention.

As attendees gather more and more promotional items from the many exhibitors they visit, they will run out of places to carry these items. Why not help them out by providing them with an affordable, reusable, and eco-friendly tote? And while you are generously assisting attendees, they will be carrying bags emblazoned with your logo. By the end of the day, you’ll be pleased to see a plethora of totes featuring your company’s branding floating around the conference hall. At that point, everyone will have so many giveaways in hand that your bag will be a necessity to take everything home. Another perk is that reusing these bags at grocery stores is currently all the rage. People want to help save the environment, and they will use this eco-friendly bag over and over!

One of the most important parts of choosing promotional products to invest in as giveaways for the next conference where you exhibit is making sure you select items that attendees will reuse. The more times an attendee reuses a product, the more people are exposed to your company’s branding. Another important thing—have fun with it! Choose something you’d like to receive as an attendee. With these ideas in mind, you’re well on your way to being the most popular booth at the conference!

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