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December 5, 2016Blog

Hamilton Woman Takes Business From Bedroom to Boardroom

The Times of Trenton
November 17, 2016
By Greg Wright

HAMILTON — Sixteen years ago, Megan Buzzetta was an administrative assistant at a major financial firm and organized a press conference when she had an epiphany.

“A light went off in my head saying ‘This is what you should be doing,'” she said.

So she took a voluntary layoff and set out on a mission to be her own boss.

To her name, she had a Nottingham High School diploma and $3,000 she had borrowed from a friend.

She used the loan to buy a fax machine, a copier and computer. She set it up in a spare bedroom and launched Global Planners.

“It was all me,” she said.

Now Buzzetta is the CEO of two companies and employees 25 people – in Hamilton.

“There have been bumps,” she said this week. “As my company grew probably the biggest challenge I faced was the transition from planner to CEO.”

“I wanted to be a good leader… and create a warm and friendly workplace,” she said.

“2009 was detrimental to our business, because most of our clients were in finance,” she said. Buzzetta thought: “Maybe we need to approach the business in a different way.”

That led to the launch of Buzz Registration in 2011. The new company compliments the planning aspect of Global Planners by offering website design and a host of other services for events such as corporate conferences, she says.

“We even developed a software,” she said referring to scanning app that allows clients to ensure their employees are attending the scheduled events.

“We do have competition but we think we’ve hit a niche in the market that isn’t saturated yet,” Buzzetta says.

Buzzetta says she’s never stopped to revel in her own triumphs. “You don’t stop to feel, you just keep going,” she said.

She doesn’t even call the triumphs her own. Buzzetta attributes much of her success to her team — she doesn’t even say the word “I” when speaking about her companies after taking on employees.

“I’m very fortunate to work with such a great group of people,” she said.

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