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April 7, 2017Blog

Life Balance: A Few Fun Ideas to Help Maximize Time

In the nonstop world of meeting planning, our schedules are hectic enough. When you juggle business travel, parenting, and just trying to lead a balanced life, your days and nights get tangled together. Tapping into resources designed specifically to help the busy professional can alleviate some of the chaos that is bound to crop up. Even for someone new to this world of subscription-based businesses, which offer a host of time-saving services, you can quickly learn how to make the most use of them and—if you are like me—become hooked.

The first subscription-based business to pop up on my radar was Sun Basket, referred to me by a busy working mom who is also a big fan of the service. Sun Basket delivers healthy, fresh, organic meals directly to you ready to be cooked. While there are several other companies of its kind, Sun Basket offers three meals, brought to your doorstep with delicious recipes. With perfectly balanced ingredients for each meal, nothing is wasted! This means so much more than a fresh feast for our family; it turns cooking into a family affair we all participate in.

Thanks to Sun Basket, not only do I save time once lost to running to the grocery store, loading and unloading my car, dragging in and unpacking groceries, and then thinking up recipes, I get to enjoy quality time with my family where we all can have fun. With my new obsession, I asked around the Buzz Registration team to find out their favorite subscription services. I was floored to discover all the time-savers that are available today and felt compelled to share them. Hopefully this blog will help you find new businesses that can make life easier as well as open the door to some extra fun and leisure time.

Here is my all-time favorite service. Whether you are on the road traveling or dining in at home, UberEATS is amazing. You can get meals you want from local restaurants you enjoy within about 35 minutes. A friend of mind called it “life changing.” It takes just a few taps with the app to place an order. The price you see covers everything, including delivery. UberEATS picks it up and brings it to you! FABULOUS!

This is basically Uber for pets.  Looking for pet walkers or sitters? Download the Wag app and you can see profiles of dog walkers available in your area.  It’s especially cool because you can also arrange to meet them ahead of time. If you miss your four-legged family member, the app lets you track their exercise progress and get photo updates so you know they are happy.

Want a team of online stylists, designers, and planners to help you pick something to wear to work? That is what you will find with MM.LaFleur. There are comparable services out there, but this shop dresses you to be ready for anything that may come your way in business. Tell them your preferences and you will get a bento-style box containing handpicked wardrobe items from dresses to tops.

Mac & Mia
Deciding how to dress your kids gets a lot easier with a subscription to Mac & Mia. Take a quick style quiz and they will send you boxes loaded with fun and fashionable clothes chosen by a stylist to suit the flair your kids want to express. Don’t panic if your kids don’t fall in love with everything that gets delivered. You can send back items and just pay for the clothes you keep. That way your wallet and children stay happy with your choices.

Red Tricycle
Here is a site that comes to the rescue of parents looking for new ways to amuse the whole family. Red Tricycle can point you to a variety of subscription-services that will keep your children in stylish clothes. But there is so much more to find here, such as recipes for every meal and kids’ parties, suggested books your kids can read and audiobooks they can listen to, vacation guides, and activity ideas to entertain the household. If you are scrambling to figure out what to do for a special birthday or ways to keep kids active on summer days, Red Tricycle may be the answer.

When you put subscription companies like these to work for you, life can become a lot more manageable. Think of this as delegating tasks at home the way you might do in the office. There really are jobs that you can let others handle while you make time not just to do more work, but to savor reconnecting with family and yourself. Before you know it, the kids will be dressed, food will be on the table, and the day will be less about hassles and more about what really counts.


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