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March 7, 2018Blog

Life After the Tax Reforms: What’s in Store for Event Planners?

The recent tax reforms have given American companies the opportunity to invest extra capital into their workforces. Many of these businesses will use this capital to further train and educate their employees in the upcoming year. Notable companies like FedEx and Lockheed Martin have already announced plans to spend billions of dollars on employee training.,

Because of these training initiatives, event planners will be busier than ever. To help planners throughout the country orchestrate all the training events to come, we have expanded our team. With the assistance of these talented professionals, planners will have all the tools they need to succeed.

Ripples in the Industry

Planners will observe a tremendous flood of activity in the industry this year. More and more companies will depend on their internal meeting planners to organize conferences, meetings, and seminars that serve as training opportunities for their employees. These events may present some unique challenges to planners.

Because these companies will often require the reporting and tracking of employee registration and attendance, recording accurate data will become more important than ever. Additionally, the scale and frequency of these events may tax planners’ personnel resources as they spend more time on the road. Finally, these trainings could be quite large in size and scope – professionals in the event planning industry will need to prepare accordingly.

How BUZZ Registration Can Help

Our team of event planning specialists has helped countless planners manage registration for their events. Through tools like Cvent, etouches, and other online event registration services, we can create individualized website builds and mobile apps for every occasion. These services streamline the registration process while making tracking and collecting data easy. On top of that, they provide planners with 24/7 access to real-time event data. The support does not stop there: services such as rooming list management and attendee inquiry management allow for planners to focus on their own tasks with the knowledge that their registration is in great hands.

BUZZ Registration’s experienced staff can also serve as on-site support. During your event, we’ll act as an extension of your team, facilitating check-in and registration or fulfilling any other function that you might need.

We provide planners with the resources they need to organize successful events. To learn more about our event registration platforms and the other event planning services we offer, call us at 800-830-6981 today!

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