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March 9, 2017Blog

Making the Most of a Third-Party Meeting Registration Service

A third-party meeting registration provider can bring a lot of resources to bear on a meeting or event. Registration is, without doubt, one of the most complex elements of your overall meeting plan. Having a third party meeting registrar manage your meeting registration is huge, but can a meeting registrar do even more than meeting registration?

You bet!

A full-service meeting registration provider can also help with other critical elements of your logistical plan. Travel and accommodation plans are arguably just as complex and just as detail-intensive as meeting registration. Transferring this responsibility to a third party provider allows your internal team to focus more attention on the most important aspects of your meeting.

As a meeting planner, site selection could be one of the most difficult choices you need to make. It’s not something that can be put off. It needs to happen at the very beginning of the meeting planning process, and literally affects every other aspect of your meeting plan. Your site selection has to be right, because it represents a significant and immediate expense.

A third party meeting registration service can help you identify prospective venues, and can help you negotiate the best possible rates, services and amenities for your attendees. You may only plan one or two meetings per year, but third party providers can aggregate the demand of all of their clients. That allows them to negotiate better rates and value-adds that aren’t available to individual buyers.

A third-party provider can also help with final hotel bill reconciliation services. That’s a major task that follows the meeting or event. Inaccurate or late reconciliations can delay payments to vendors, cause you to overpay event-related invoices, and limit your ability to “close the books” on an event in a timely way.

Third party meeting registration providers also offer extensive customer support services to their clients’ attendees. Professional representatives are available to answer questions, assist with registrations and address issues that may arise unexpectedly. The third-party meeting registration provider can work directly with your attendees while your internal staff concentrates on the content of your meeting.

On-site check in and support services extend the benefits of working with a third-party meeting registration service. You can tailor your level of on-site support to meet your exact needs. A third-party meeting registration service provider can help you with on-site support personnel, name-badge production, onsite check-in software, name-badge production, onsite registration services, payment support and more.

A full-service meeting registration provider can do much more than deliver meeting registration solutions. By taking advantage of a range of services, your meeting registration provider can save time and money throughout the meeting planning process.

BUZZ Registration is a full-service meeting registration management firm located in Hamilton, NJ. Our dedicated team of meeting registration specialists offers comprehensive meeting registration management solutions to deliver a registration experience like no other! Please contact us at (888) 202-2262,

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