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February 23, 2017Blog

Need More Than Meeting Registration?

Each industry has its own unique needs, and they are often reflected in specialized meetings and events. Regulatory compliance, attendance and confidentiality can all drive the meeting planning process. These unique needs can also lead some meeting planners to be hesitant to outsource the registration for these types of meetings.

Professional event registration providers work with clients in the financial, healthcare, educational, technology, retail and insurance sectors to develop solutions tailored to meet their precise meeting needs. Those solutions can address issues of regulatory compliance, attendance documentation, continuing education, the dissemination of proprietary information and other complex logistical issues.

BUZZ Registration specializes in meeting the unique needs of all of our clients. As your registration partner, we can provide exceptional service to your guests and meeting planners. We can also simplify and streamline your meeting registration processes, and provide customized reports and data to enhance decision support for future meetings and events.

When you work with BUZZ Registration, the unique or complex needs of your particular organization or industry will not prevent you from enjoying the financial and logistical benefits of outsourcing your meeting registration process. That is because our staff includes professional meeting planners, web designers, registration experts, customer service representatives and technologists who understand what each client needs to make their meeting or event successful.

BUZZ Registration works closely with its clients to deliver smooth, professional and seamless meeting and event registration services. That allows corporate meeting planners to focus on delivering the best possible meeting experience with the certainty that every detail of the meeting registration process is being addressed exactly as it would be if they managed registration themselves.

BUZZ Registration is a full-service meeting registration management firm located in Hamilton, NJ. Our dedicated team of meeting registration specialists offers comprehensive meeting registration management solutions to deliver a registration experience like no other! Please contact us at (888) 202-2262,

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