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Creating the ideal website for your meeting should be put into the care of knowledgeable specialists. With our best-in-class registration website development skills, we can design the ideal online event portal for your meeting.

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Premium Expertise in Registration Websites

A crucial piece of planning an unforgettable meeting is the website where your guests will sign up. The site not only has to grab their attention; it needs to function smoothly while offering the invitees access to must-have information. Under the hood, it should also meet your demands for gathering and organizing data that will help you better manage the event. Our firm delivers premium expertise in registration website builds. Our technical knowhow and graphic design talent is available as a service for the development of online portals that match perfectly with the theme and branding you choose. Your invitees will be met with a registration website that is a natural extension of the event you are planning. The websites we build are much more than landing pages to advertise the meeting; they are extremely useful event management tools to help you keep track of attendees. This is also where details and demographic information about your attendees can be captured—actionable data that can be compiled to create a dynamic, digital picture of the event.

Websites for your needs

While we do not have our own proprietary software, BUZZ offers an expert understanding of popular industry software such as etouches, and of course Cvent. We are proud to say that we are Cvent Certified. Based on the complexities of your website’s needs, we can incorporate API and software features as well as custom CSS coding to give you the online registration services your event requires. Even if you just want a simple, no-nonsense website that presents a polished, professional look for your event, we can make it happen. When we build a portal for your event, expect proven and efficient results that mesh with your brand standards. Using BUZZ Registration as the premiere service for your registration website builds lets you focus on the planning process that requires your direct attention.

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