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April 2, 2019Blog

Stay Mobile. Make an App for Your Next Event.

Custom mobile event apps are a great way to personalize the meeting experience for each of your attendees. Not only can you as the meeting organizer easily communicate with your guests in real-time, but you can also provide a plethora of meeting information for guests to have at their fingertips. Here we dive into a few key reasons why custom event mobile apps can improve your next event and allow for your attendees to make the most of their time.

Simplify the Event Experience
Attendees will navigate your event like a pro when they have quick access to meeting information, which may include a personalized agenda, meeting content, speaker bios, floor plans, and activity options – to name a few! You can even easily answer those most-asked attendee questions like “What is the Wi-Fi log-in?” with an FAQ section. With the click of a button, attendees can add or change sessions on their personal agenda, view the event’s activity feed, access session presentations, review maps and directions, and connect directly with fellow attendees and colleagues.

Send Out Push Notifications
Changes in the agenda are bound to happen while the program is underway! Don’t stress over getting the word out to your attendees. By utilizing push notifications, you can quickly alert your attendees to these changes in real-time. Aside from any agenda changes, you can also remain in constant communication with your attendees by sending out reminders about important program information, highlighting event sponsors and encouraging attendance at upcoming sessions or events.

Collect Attendee Data
A custom mobile event app is a fast and effective way to collect feedback and attendee behavior data.[1] You can use a customized event mobile app to conduct surveys and polls; measure attendee engagement; and analyze key performance indicators. You can also measure the effectiveness of your push notifications; collect metrics on session page and content page views; and analyze how attendees responded to specific sessions. Furthermore, this approach allows for you to improve on future events. For example, if your data shows a larger-than-expected audience for a particular session, you may be able to arrange for a larger room to accommodate all of your guests the next time around.

Save Some Trees
How much paper did you hand out at your last event? And how much of it ended up in the trash by the end of the day? Planning a paperless event is a great way to “go green.” It also allows you to reduce costs. On average, printing all those hard copies of meeting material will cost twice as much as developing a customized event mobile app.[2] All of your meeting information previously printed within program guides and paper agendas, can seamlessly be included within your app.

Increase Social Interaction Opportunities
One of the most valuable benefits of attending a meeting or event for a guest is the opportunity to network with colleagues. A customized event mobile app can add real value for your guests by:

  • Providing contact information for every attendee
  • Using gamification to promote networking and guest interactions
  • Offering live polling during a speech
  • Encouraging online engagement through in-app social integrations

Are You Ready to Design an App for Your Next Event?
At BUZZ Registration, our developers can build a customized event mobile app for your next event within your preferred mobile app software. We can fully tailor this event app to use the same theme, graphics, and overall style as the rest of your meeting materials. We will also help you determine the best app features to meet your particular goals. To inquire about our mobile app development and support service, please contact us today to get started.



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