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April 13, 2017Blog

Turning a Team Builder into a Crowd Pleaser

Meeting planners juggle many roles as they make their journey down the (occasionally bumpy) road to meeting success.  Of course you have the typical responsibilities of choosing the right venue, managing logistics, and overseeing registration, but when a team building activity suddenly appears on the agenda at your training program or conference, SLAM on the brakes!  The pressure is on to create a memorable experience that will somehow bring smiles to every stakeholder – from seasoned management team members to new recruits.

Team building activities can have significant impact on employee engagement, and have been linked to increases in company-wide and individual performance and productivity.  Happy Employees = Happy Clients.  They truly can be an essential component to a successful corporate training, sales meeting, or internal event.  So how do you plan an activity that attendees will actually look forward to?  Do you dare tell them what the activity is… AHEAD OF TIME?

The evolution of the traditional “team building exercise” has come a long way.  Once an icebreaker-type game that might have even been the least desirable item on the agenda, today we’ve got some out-of-the-box options that will leave employees asking for more!

Wildgoose is a great example of a company bringing a fresh new approach to team building. Armed with tablets, teams have fun exploring together as they use GPS and image recognition functionality to complete customized team challenges.   Another organization paving the way is TeamBuildingROI, who guarantee an innovative experience with tangible results.  Some of their programs include a Drone Decathlon, Zombie Hunt, and Corporate Rodeo. Intrigued?

Whether you partner with a company like the above, or create your own, let’s take a look at some key points to a successful team builder and ensure you can announce your next team builder with confidence:

Some great examples to get you started – Scavenger Hunts in museums, parks, or small towns , a “Great Escape Room” or similar experience that perhaps your participants have never tried before, or even bringing a Game Truck on-site for some fun competition with nostalgic games from your attendee’s childhoods.  Options are endless if your goal is to try something entirely new and unexpected.

Finding an activity that pleases every personality type from introverts to extroverts and everyone in between can be nothing short of challenging.  Know your audience!  If you’ve got an incredibly eclectic group, choose an activity that can transcend through a common string in their personal lives– for example– a cooking or baking challenge, a sporting event (perhaps your own Olympic-style competition), a DIY project, or a Supermarket dash.

Yes, Out. Of. Office.  If you are hosting a meeting on-site or near your office space, nothing will excite your staff more than to GET AWAY.  (Well, ok, you may have to drag your A-team away since you likely are dealing with a bunch of overachieving, super-productive professionals – but a change of scenery coupled with the idea of being at work, but away from work, will ensure your team is all in!)  So head to the boardwalk for carnival games, downtown for a timed selfie challenge, or even to the lake for team dragonboating – and be sure it’s all taking place DURING work hours.  It’s sure to be a win.

Plan an event with purpose.  Double it as a fundraiser or charity event.  Encourage employees to be passionate and invested.  Focus on the personal experience of each of your participants and believe it or not, be less focused on meeting core objectives, the ROI, and the overall measurable results.  If you plan and execute an event that is truly spectacular, all of those other elements will fall into place.  Employees will be engaged, relationships will be strengthened, morale boosted, productivity increased, and as the planner of it all – you get the gold star.

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