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April 27, 2017Blog

Ways to Boost Meeting Attendance

Meeting planners put their heart and souls into their projects, focusing on every detail to create a successful event. Once it’s show time though, meeting attendance numbers can be disappointing unless extra steps are taken in advance.  By putting the right kind of emphasis on registration and pre-meeting attendee correspondence during the planning process, you can boost attendee turnout. Here are a few tips to help you get closer to achieving your goals and put more people in those seats.


Make the Registration Website Pop
The registration website is often the first place potential attendees will learn about a meeting, making it a key component in holding their interest. This is your digital billboard on the Web; it must literally invite people to come in and see what is happening. If the registration website sports a poor design and only has minimal information about the meeting, chances are that possible registrants will say “No thanks” to your invitation.

Attendees need to know what they can expect and how they can benefit if they show up to your meeting. You are competing for space on their already hectic schedules; they have projects to finish and might have other events they have been invited to. They cannot be everyplace at once, so show them that their time will be well spent at the meeting. Give them as much information as possible to make them want to mark the event on their calendars. Tell them what the agendas are for each session, who the speakers will be, and why what the speakers have to say matters. Definitely provide travel and transportation information to make it as painless as possible to reach the venue. No one wants to get lost or be late because it is hard to figure out where a program is being held. By creating a customized registration website, you can inform your invitees of vital event details and guide them easily through the steps to confirm they will attend. This will drive up your actual turnout, as well as improve satisfaction among attendees.


Plan Ahead with Plenty of Runway
Meeting planners typically get to work preparing and arranging meetings years in advance of the actual event date, and with good reason. More and more responsibilities get added to the job of putting a meeting together. With the list of tasks growing and time running out fast, planners tend to forget an important aspect of their meeting: the actual attendees! Just like planners, attendees schedule their time far in advance because they often get pulled in ten different directions at once. These days, every moment can feel like crunch time with no room for last-minute invitations. If you put out event information too close to the meeting date, people who typically would have attended will have other events booked. Provide attendees a “Save the Date” notice well ahead of time or allow them to register far in advance. That gives them the chance to fit the event on their calendars and avoid scheduling conflicts.


Send Out Attention-Grabbing Reminders
There are plenty of digital marketing tools at your disposal to kick up enthusiasm for a meeting. Keep the attention level high through consistent advertising of the meeting by using social media, company websites, emails, and event post cards. That will stir eagerness for the meeting and not allow other events to take precedence. Someone else is always trying to throw a party that could steal guests from yours; don’t let your attendees get lured away. Advertisements and reminders will increase registration rates and decrease cancellations as the meeting approaches. Don’t just focus on the attendees though! When creating an invite list, include an administrative or personal assistant’s information to register the invitee in the event that they overlook the emails.


Location–Location–You Know the Rest
People get excited about going to meetings at places they already want to visit. It is just that simple. Choosing a popular meeting location may be expensive, but prime locations have been shown to positively correlate with meeting attendance. This is why resort-style locations tend to be hubs for conferences and conventions—those destinations almost guarantee high turnouts. Obviously not every meeting can be booked in Las Vegas or on Saint Croix Island, but picking a spot in a well-traveled location can be worth it. Attendees will often extend their trip and be more likely to attend a meeting if it’s in a large city that has nearby attractions and is easy to get to with many flight options.


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